The benefits of nanoindentation, tribology and scratch testing in the pharmaceutical industry

In this webinar, we will introduce the benefits of mechanical surface testing methods in the development and production of pharmaceuticals. We will discuss questions like: Does the powder material used for tablets have suitable crush resistance? What happens during tablet production if the surface friction of the tablets is too high? Is the packaging of tablets and other pharmaceuticals sufficiently scratch- and wear-resistant to keep contents safe during transportation and storage? We will present measuring results for the surface testing methods instrumented indentation, tribology and scratch testing, and show how they are connected and can be used to address your daily challenges.

Webinar content:
- Introduction of the measurement techniques: instrumented indentation, scratch testing, tribology
- Crush testing of drug particles
- Scratch resistance of medicaments and their packaging
- Friction of medicaments and rubber vial caps

Target audience:
- R&D departments of pharmaceutical companies
- Pharmaceutical departments at universities
- Biomechanical departments

Xavier Guthmann (English)
Xavier Guthmann

Xavier Guthmann has been an Application Engineer at Anton Paar TriTec since February 2019. He studied materials science at the ENSIACET Engineering School and at Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse (France).


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