Lyza 7000 Used Oil Package: Precision, Ease, and Efficiency in Lubricant Analysis

Anton Paar introduces the Lyza 7000 Used Oil Package, a benchtop FTIR spectrometer designed to redefine in-service lubricant analysis. With a focus on quality, ease of use, and efficiency, Lyza 7000 is set to transform the way industries monitor in-service lubricants. The instrument can conduct multiple ASTM-compliant measurements and customized analysis methods with a single touch, streamlining complex spectroscopic analysis. In this webinar we will give you a first impression of our solution for oil condition monitoring. Join us on February 7th and learn about our used oil package for FTIR analysis!

Daniel Vetter (English)
Daniel Vetter

Daniel Vetter was born in Salzburg, Austria and moved to Graz to study chemistry. He has a Master’s degree in technical chemistry from the technical university of Graz, which included a half year exchange semester in the US. He has served in his role as FTIR Product Manager at Anton Paar since 2022.