Surface Characterization Series: Instrumented Indentation Testing

This educational webinar focuses on instrumented indentation testing, a characterization technique, assessing a material’s mechanical properties at micro- and nanoscale levels.

Why Attend?

Explore how instrumented indentation enables accurate and repeatable measurements of mechanical properties (hardness, elastic modulus, creep behavior), with applications in industries including materials research, mechanical engineering, biomaterials, and nanotechnology. 
Discover how indentation data can drive the development of innovative and high-performance materials.

Who Should Attend?

Researchers, scientists, engineers, and professionals actively engaged in materials science, mechanical engineering, biomaterials, nanotechnology, and related fields. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Discover how instrumented indentation enables accurate and repeatable measurements of critical mechanical properties
  2. Understand the significance of hardness, elastic modulus, and creep behavior in assessing material performance and quality
  3. Learn about innovative approaches, the latest equipment, and advanced data analysis methods that improve accuracy and reliability in surface characterization
  4. Learn best practices for instrumented indentation testing, from sample preparation to data interpretation
Mark Haase, PhD. (English)
Mark Haase, PhD.

Mark Haase completed his PhD studies in Chemical Engineering at the University of Cincinnati, on the synthesis and characterization of Spinnable Carbon Nanotube Arrays. Prior to that, Mark earned a Master of Science and Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology. During his academic career, Mark extensively used AFMs and other characterization tools, which benefited him starting his new career as Commercial Application Scientist at Anton Paar USA in 2018. Mark has been supporting researchers and engineers in academic and corporate environments solving materials testing challenges ever since.

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