Particle Size Analyzers

Particle Size Analyzers

Particle Analysis at the Touch of a Button

Although particle systems can be complex, measuring them doesn’t have to be. Choose from three different technologies to characterize particles from the nanometer to the millimeter range.

  • The Litesizer DLS series leverages light-scattering technology to determine particle size, zeta potential, transmittance, molecular mass, and the refractive index of nano- and microparticles in liquid dispersions.
  • The PSA series uses laser diffraction (LD) technology to measure the size of particles in both liquid dispersions and dry powders in the micro- and millimeter range.
  • Since the Litesizer DIA 500 is based on dynamic image analysis, it offers particle shape information alongside particle sizing. What’s more, you can get full measurement flexibility with our powerful portfolio of different dispersion units.
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Three techniques cover it all

With different techniques, the Litesizer DLS series, PSA series, and the Litesizer DIA 500 cover the measurement of particle sizes from the lower nanometer to the millimeter range. Choose the right technique based on your needs.

Use PSA instruments to analyze particles ranging up to millimeter sizes in liquid or dry dispersions. You can analyze in liquid dispersions with Litesizer DLS devices, but only down to the nanometer range. With Litesizer DIA 500, you can also determine particle size and shape information while using either liquid, gravitational-fall, or compressed air dispersion units.

The Litesizer DLS series: Three instruments, up to seven modes

Besides the determination of particle size, the Litesizer DLS particle analyzers also offer other analysis options such as multi-angle particle sizing (MAPS), determination of zeta potential, particle concentration, molecular mass, transmittance, and refractive index.

The PSA series: One instrument for liquid and dry samples

PSA instruments are the only particle size analyzers on the market that can be configured with fully integrated liquid and dry dispersion modes in one instrument. You can switch between the two modes with just one mouse click – no need to exchange the hardware, revalidate, or re-align sensitive optics, saving you time and preventing operating errors.

Litesizer DIA 500: One instrument, three dispersion units

With Litesizer DIA 500, measure particle size and get shape information of Millions of particles in just a few seconds. In just one step, quickly switch among three dispersion units – wet, dry, and free-fall – to access excellent dispersion of nearly any sample. Rely on automated features to minimize work and several safety features that protect you from dangerous sample spread and the instrument from damage.

Kalliope: Intuitive software reduces the operator involvement to a minimum

Optimize your measurements with Kalliope and get your measurement started in just three clicks. Control all particle size analyzers in the portfolio with this software. Kalliope is an intuitive software that displays all of your input parameters, measurements, and analyses in one digital space. With Kalliope, concentrate on what your particles are doing instead of trying to figure out how to use the instrument. With the PSA instruments, in combination with the sample changer, you can even automatically operate a serial measurement. Kalliope is 21 CFR Part 11 compliant for complete traceability of results.



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