Autosorb 6100 | Structural Characterization of Zeolites by Gas Sorption

Learn what zeolites are, why it is important to understand their structure, and how to use gas sorption techniques to characterize the materials for applications such as water purification, gas storage and separation, and for use as catalysts

Alyssa Henderson, Ph.D. (English)
Alyssa Henderson, Ph.D.

Dr. Henderson, Product Specialist for the Autosorb 6100 at Anton Paar QuantaTec, has 8 years of experience in materials characterization, 3 of which are with porous materials. Dr. Henderson graduated from Florida State University with a Ph.D. in materials physics. She has trained over 200 associates and customers around the world on the theory, techniques, applications, and instruments related to gas adsorption and solid density.  She has presented at major conferences and advises researchers daily in experimental design and data interpretation. 


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