Wine Industry Virtual Workshop & LYZA 5000 Introduction


Anton Paar Wine Analysis in Lab and Process Engineering


With COVID interrupting our regular wine seminars and workshops in your region, join us for a short 1 hour session online. 

 Highlights of the program includes;

  • Introduction to the Lyza 5000 Wine - Multi-Parameter FTIR
  • Instrument Lab Analysis including Brix, Baume, SG, DCO2/DO2 and Alcohol
  • Process Monitoring – Fermentation, Alcohol, Extract/SG, DCO2 and DO2
  • Q&A Session

Lyza 5000 Wine is Anton Paar’s novel solution for fast multi-parameter analysis in wine production, wine laboratories, and filling plants. Highest precision, a multitude of parameters, fast measurement times, and the user-friendly touchscreen interface are the essential components of the instrument that has been tailor-made for the wine industry.

Learn more about the product here: <link au-en products details lyza-5000-wine>


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Language: English
Trainer: Mr James Khoury

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