Instrumented Indentation vs. Conventional Hardness Testing: 3 Key Advantages

Many new applications in the material industry require thinner coatings and increased quality expectations, robustness and lower costs. However, when it comes to mechanical characterization of thin films, most conventional methods for hardness testing have reached their limits. These limitations have negatively impacted the fast and efficient development and production of thin films and coatings.  

Anton Paar is proud to present a live webinar discussing new technologies enabling accurate and affordable hardness measurements of thin coatings as a solution to the limitations of conventional hardness testing. 

Key Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about the advantages of Instrumented Indentation 
  • Understand the limitations of conventional hardness testing and their negative implications on thin film characterization
  • Real-life applications of hardness testing methods that can be performed more efficiently with next-generation instruments

Who Should Attend:

  • Coating Manufacturers  
  • Quality Engineers 
  • Laboratory Managers
  • Research Scientists
  • University Researchers
Jiří Nohava, PhD.
Jiří Nohava, PhD.

Jiri Nohava is the Head of Product Competence & Lead Application Scientist of the Mechanical Surface Characterization unit at Anton Paar. He obtained his PhD in materials science at the Czech Technical University in Prague. He joined Anton Paar in 2007 and has become a specialist in instrumented indentation and tribology in various domains. His main task is development of new applications with Anton Paar instruments in scientific and industrial projects. He regularly publishes in peer-reviewed journals and participates in international conferences.


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