Microwave-assisted solvent extraction – a matter of minutes

Solvent extraction is an essential sample preparation method for separating analytes prior to their identification by HPLC or GC analysis. Classical extraction methods, like Soxhlet, usually suffer from several drawbacks. The methods are rather time-consuming and require high amounts of solvents, whereas the possibilities of automation are limited.

Microwave-assisted extraction (MAE) eliminates those drawbacks. With typical extraction times from 15 to 30 minutes and typical solvent amounts between 6 and 50 mL, MAE is a powerful and meanwhile widely accepted method to speed up extraction applications. Faster extraction of the analyte of interest boosts the capabilities of environmental laboratories, food manufacturers and many more.


Main topics will be:

  • Basics of microwave-assisted solvent extraction
  • How to convert a classical method to microwave-assisted extraction
  • Extraction examples on various samples
Josef Lechner (English)

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