Material Characterization for Battery Cell Manufacturing along the Process Chain

Electromobility, mobile and decentralized electrochemical devices, and the conversion and storage of (renewable) energy on an industrial scale are essential for the success of the energy transition. Accordingly, the importance of batteries, fuel cells and electrolysers to fulfill our future energy supply needs is great. The aim of this webinar is to develop a fundamental understanding of characterization methods, from powder materials to finished electrochemical components.

Webinar program: 09-12:
09:00-09:20: Structure-property relations of battery electrodes, Speaker: Dr. Sebastian Wennig, ZBT Duisburg
09:20-09:40: Powder flow, surface area, and particle size, Speaker: Dr. Denis Schuetz, Anton Paar
09:40-10:00: From gases to battery materials, Speaker: Stefan Kilian, UDE Duisburg
10:00-10:15: Q&A session
10:15-10:30: Break
10:30-10.50: Flow and deformation behavior of powders, slurries and pastes, Speaker: Dr. Christopher Giehl, Anton Paar Germany
10:50-11:10: Processing of battery slurries along the process chain, Speaker: Prof. Doris Segets, UDE Duisburg
11:10-11:30: Mechanical surface characterization and AFM, Speaker: Dr. Martin Pfeiler-Deutschmann, Anton Paar
11:30-12:00: Q&A session

Dr. Christopher Giehl Anton Paar Germany GmbH (English)

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