Laboratory analysis solutions for your excellent beer

This webinar focuses on laboratory analysis solutions – applicable throughout the entire beer production process – and highlights the benefits of the most crucial points of analysis:

  • Wort analysis: Ensure premium wort quality in lauter tuns, brewing kettles, and whirlpools
  • Fermentation control: Continuously monitor your fermentation process
  • Storage: Store your beer in the conditions it deserves, for a fine finish
  • Bottling: Measure your final quality parameters without the need for sample preparation

Learn about how Anton Paar's beer analysis solutions meet the highest quality standards and cover all analysis tasks with a single lab system, and how automated calibration and minimum cleaning save you 2 hours in a day.

Mr. Markus Peterherr (English)
Markus Peterherr

Markus Peterherr is a product manager at Anton Paar GmbH, Austria, responsible for measuring instruments tailored for use in the alcoholic beverage industry. His previous experience in customer support provides him unique insights for identification of requirements for this market.

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