New TTB Regulations and What They Mean for Your Business

 Earlier this month the Tax Trade Bureau announced in Notice 176 recent changes with regards to alcohol tolerance for spirits and liqueurs. There are several techniques available to measure the Alcohol content in spirits and liqueurs, which range from hydrometers to digital density meters, spectrometers and invert sugar corrections. This presentation will examine the analytical techniques to obtain alcohol by volume and highlight the pros and cons for each method.

Matthew Garcia (English)
Matthew Garcia

Matt Garcia is the Industry Development Manager for Food and Beverage at Anton Paar USA.  With a degree in Chemistry from the University of Dallas, he has built a career with analytical instrumentation.  Starting as a bench chemist for a polymer manufacturer, he transitioned into sales of analytical chemistry instrumentation 12 years ago.  For the last 8 years, he has worked for Anton Paar in the roles of sales and management.  Anton Paar is the leader in beverage analytics for process controls to quality labs and research & development.  Matt has worked closely with major beverage producers to tailor solutions and improve analytics in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage manufacturing.  

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