e-SPRESSO WEBINAR: Black to the Future- Carbon Capture and Storage

e-SPRESSO WEBINAR: Black to the Future- Carbon Capture and Storage


Coal and oil are nature’s carbon reservoirs that have been tapped over centuries and burned for energy; from black to gas… carbon dioxide that is. Now there’s keen interest in capturing and storing that gas, carbon dioxide, (i) to prevent adding more of it to the atmosphere (ii) keeping it on tap as raw feedstock for various industrial processes. This webinar will look at characterizing functionally useful solids for capture and storage processes based on sorption.

Key insights:

  • Surface area, pore size, and pore volume measurements by low-pressure gas sorption
  • Different adsorbents and calculations for determining micropore size
  • High-pressure CO2 sorption capacity measurements
  • Surface excess versus adsorbed amount

In this webinar, you will learn how gas adsorption is used to determine the geometrical properties of microporous adsorbents that are currently used for, or have potential for, carbon capture and storage,
and how to accurately determine CO2 storage capacity as a function of elevated pressure under various temperature conditions.

Suitable for scientists and engineers working in research, development and quality assurance.

Language: English
Trainer: Dr. Martin Thomas

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