Instrumented indentation, scratch and tribology: What are the applications for polymers?

Polymeric materials are everywhere. They can be found in almost all areas, both industrial and academic. Therefore, the field of applications related to polymers is wide. This webinar will show the main applications in indentation, scratch and tribology. You will learn how these measurement techniques can help industries and laboratories to better understand mechanical properties of polymeric surfaces in order to develop high quality materials and products according to their specific needs.

After introducing the field of polymers, we will show you the major encountered issues from a surface mechanical point of view when developing new polymer materials and products.

You will learn how Anton Paar instruments can be used to solve these problems. Each presented solution will be demonstrated on real examples of applications that have been done in partnership with industries or research institutes.

The main topics will be:

  • Overview of the field of polymers
  • Major issues
  • Proposed solutions illustrated with examples
    • Elastic Modulus, hardness, creep
    • Storage and loss moduli
    • Scratch resistance, elastic recovery, coating adhesion
    • Friction coefficient, wear rate









Xavier Guthmann (English)
Xavier Guthmann

Xavier Guthmann has been an Application Engineer at Anton Paar TriTec since February 2019. He studied materials science at the ENSIACET Engineering School and at Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse (France).


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