Powder Rheology 7: Segregation and Fluidized Bed Viscosity

In the seventh webinar in the series on powder rheology we will cover two of the more complicated measurement modes in powder rheology: segregation measurements and the measurement of fluidized bed viscosity. You will learn about the measurements which can be carried out on a rheometer equipped with a powder cell and how this can help you when handling or processing powders.

Segregation is the demixing of products by differences in properties, for example size, density, and shape. It is a very common and problematic phenomenon, which occurs both in nature as well as industrial settings. Even to this day its mechanisms are not fully understood and therefore need to be measured qualitatively. In this webinar you will learn how to measure segregation and how it can impact powder behavior.

Fluidized bed viscosity deals with the measurement of the internal friction and resistance to flow of particles in a fluidized state. This versatile method is a unique feature of our instrument and allows for characterization of powders in the state of conveyance and discharge and their interaction with gases and reagents. This webinar will help you understand how these measurements work, how the complex results can be analyzed, and how they translate into real-life applications.




Dr. Denis Schütz (English)
Denis Schütz

Denis Schütz earned his Master’s degree in chemistry at the University of Graz and joined the PhD program for materials chemistry and chemical engineering at Graz University of Technology afterwards. He also did a Post-Doc there and a Post-Doc at Jozef Stefan Institute. Currently he is principal scientist for powder rheology and applied scientist for materials at Anton Paar GmbH. His work focuses on granular media and powder flow research as well as high temperature processing and device building.

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