Live Demonstration: In-situ reaction monitoring

Monitoring chemical reactions in real-time has always been a challenge for chemists. The inability to easily observe the consumption of educts, formation of intermediates and final product is often a constant struggle. Anton Paar has a unique solution that addresses this exact pain and help chemists reduce the number of reaction design iterations they would usually need to develop.  

Join us for this educational webinar on In-situ reaction monitoring utilizing a Raman spectrometer that can monitor reaction efficiency both inside a microwave reactor as well as in a beaker on a lab bench!

Mr. Viktor Zagorec (English)
Viktor Zagorec

Viktor Zagorec is the Raman technology product manager at Anton Paar responsible for its benchtop Raman devices portfolio. He has been with Anton Paar for 3 years, and prior to joining the Raman team, Viktor worked at Anton Paar Croatia. Viktor is chemist by profession and holds master’s degree in analytical chemistry. In addition to a chemistry background, he has business experience and holds a master´s degree in management.