Maximizing Efficiency: One-pot Microwave Extraction Technique for Rapid Fat Content Analysis in Food


The Webinar outlines the substantial benefits of Microwave-assisted solvent extraction. Additionally, the adaptation of the conventional fat determination method according to Weibull-Stoldt is presented as well as the application of the optimized method towards parallel extraction of different plant-based food samples.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Benefits of microwave-assisted Solvent extraction
  • Optimization of an extraction method in Monowave 400
  • Applying the method for different samples in parallel in Multiwave 5000
  • Validation of method for samples with different fat content

Who should attend?

  • Researchers and laboratory technicians in testing labs
  • Laboratory managers of testing and academic labs
  • Academia (Students, post-graduates)

Dr. Alexander Stadler (English)
Alexander Stadler

Dr. Alexander Stadler

Alexander Stadler studied chemistry at the University of Graz, Austria, where he also obtained his doctoral degree for studies on microwave-accelerated reactions in solution and on solid phase in the group of C. Oliver Kappe. He conducted postdoctoral research work on microwave-assisted transition metal-catalyzed coupling reactions in the group of Mats Larhed at the University of Uppsala, Sweden. In 2004 he joined Anton Paar GmbH in Graz where he is currently working as principal scientist for microwave synthesis.