Data integrity – Digitalization of stand-alone instrument

Data integrity has been the key topic for laboratory in pharmaceutical industry. Digitalization of laboratory instrument is the direction, but it is never that direct.  

In this webinar, we will talk about data integrity, focusing on the digitalization of stand-alone instrument, with following points:

-Debunk the myth of paper based records: Is it simple & compliance?

-US FDA expectation for stand-alone instrument: How you should assure data integrity?

-Explore AP Connect: Centralized solution for all stand-alone instrument

Mr. Sheng Sheng Su
Sheng Sheng Su

Sheng Sheng joined Anton Paar Singapore in 2019 as the sales representative for measurement solutions, specialising on the pharmaceutical industry. He worked with multiple clients in the industry to simplify their workflow while ensuring compliance. Today he is supporting Anton Paar subsidiaries and pharma customers across the APAC region.