FTIR Lyza 7000

Your world just got bigger.

Anton Paar’s new compact Lyza 7000 measures 100s of sample types. Solid, liquid, gaseous, Lyza 7000 measures them all. It’s the most reliable, user-friendly FTIR spectrometer on the market, way beyond industry standards.

Join us for our FTIR seminar on Thursday, 14 of March 2024 where we introduce our new Lyza 7000. Our guest speaker, Mr Florian Fekonja, Product Manager for the Lyza series of FTIR spectrometers, will cover the basics of FTIR and include topics such as used-oil analysis, petrochemical, plastics and polymers, quality control and identification of unknown substances. You will obtain insights as to how the Lyza 7000 would benefit your current operations and ensure the quality of your products.

Virtual Agenda:

  • 10h00 to 12h00: Presentations with breaks

Mr Rick Vosloo, Mr Florian Fekonja (English)
Rick Vosloo

He obtained his BSc Honours in Physics from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in 2006. He then joined Anton Paar Southern Africa in 2015 as a Sales Specialist overseeing the Eastern Cape region. In 2020 he moved up to Johannesburg to take over the Petrochemical Sales Specialist role, within a year later he was promoted to Product Manager for Viscosity and Petroleum Testing.

Florian Fekonja

Mr Florian Fekonja, is the Product Manager for the FTIR spectrometers, Lyza series. He previously managed the inline viscosity measurement product portfolio within the Anton Paar Process Instrumentation division. Florian has earned a Bachelor’s degree in Petroleum Engineering and subsequent Master’s Degree in Industrial Management and Business Administration, with a specific focus on the petroleum industry.