Leveraging Laboratory Automation to Maximize Productivity – Automated Viscosity and Rheology

Heightened requirements for quality control and faster timeframes for product development and launch are becoming more common. As a result, there is an increasing need for even faster characterization of novel materials and formulations in the lab. Maximizing walkaway time from analytical instrumentation is becoming more critical to managing a lab efficiently and successfully as well as maximizing the number of measurements that are able to run independently of staff and/or overnight.

Anton Paar has worked diligently to support these increasingly stringent requirements by developing a series of automated characterization and measurement instruments. This webinar will discuss a range of automated laboratory solutions and provide a deeper dive into automated viscosity and rheology measurements with a live demonstration of the HTR 3000 high throughput rheometer. HTR 3000 is capable of running all common rheological tests in a cup and bob geometry as well as performing pH measurements and sample conditioning in parallel. 

Dalton Echard (English)
Dalton Echard

Dalton Echard is the Technical Sales Specialist for Anton Paar’s Automation and Robotics group. He has a decade of materials testing experience, the last eight with Anton Paar. Prior to working with Automation and Robotics group Dalton supported the Rheology product lines as well as managed Anton Paar’s Apprenticeship Program. Dalton earned his Master’s Degree in Applied Physics, focusing on nanoscience applications, from Virginia Commonwealth University.