Ensuring Beverage and Packing Quality with At-Line Automation Systems

Quality control of packaged beverages is more important than ever. However, maintaining high quality levels is challenging due to increasing personnel costs and limited time for lab analysis. 

To help address these challenges, Anton Paar has developed the ALAB 5000 Analytic  and ALAB 5000 Torque. ALAB 5000 Analytic moves analyses that are traditionally performed in the lab directly to the production line with little to no human interaction. This enables fast, high-quality data, in real time automating the measurement process and data handling.  

ALAB 5000 Torque checks the torque required to open bottles removing the requirement for hands-on testing. This webinar will describe these new in-line technologies, how they work and how they save time and money for beverage production facilities. 

Dalton Echard (English)
Dalton Echard

Dalton Echard is the Technical Sales Specialist for Anton Paar’s Automation and Robotics group. He has a decade of materials testing experience, the last eight with Anton Paar. Prior to working with Automation and Robotics group Dalton supported the Rheology product lines as well as managed Anton Paar’s Apprenticeship Program. Dalton earned his Master’s Degree in Applied Physics, focusing on nanoscience applications, from Virginia Commonwealth University.