From Concept to Crunch: Maximizing Twin-Screw Extruders for Next-Level Snacks and Cereals

Ready to turn your snack product idea into reality with an extruder but unsure where to begin? Join us for this webinar as we guide you through the fundamentals of utilizing an extruder to bring your puffed product to life. From essential know-how to common pitfalls, learn the keys to successful snack and cereal development, saving you time and resources on trial and error.

Key Learning Objectives: 

  • Recognize fundamental ingredient properties essential for producing high-quality direct expanded products.
  • Gain insight into the essential components and mechanisms within an extruder.
  • Explore practical strategies for designing and executing extrusion experiments tailored to snack food processing.
  • Learn to navigate common pitfalls when extruding cereal products, ensuring smoother production processes.

Debomitra Dey (English)
Debomitra Dey

Debomitra Dey is an Advanced Application Scientist with Anton Paar Inc., USA. Specializing in extrusion processing applications for snacks, meat analogs, and pet food, she loves diving into the creative challenges of her work. With a background spanning industry and academia, Debomitra thrives on collaboration, working closely with partners to innovate and excel. Before joining Anton Paar, she worked as a Food Extrusion Specialist with CW Brabender Instruments, Inc. NJ. She earned her Ph.D. in Food Science from Washington State University.