Rheological Characterization of Sustainable Polymers

What is a sustainable material? What are the benefits of using recycled materials? Are there any advantages in using recovered polymers for their further processing? What are the most relevant differences between a "fresh" and a re-used polymer? Is this topic relevant only for big companies? What does rheology have to do with all of this?
Well... if you are into polymers, process engineering, science of materials or just curious, then this webinar is definitely for you. We will explore together the importance of the usage of sustainable polymers and how useful rheological methods are to characterize such materials for both QC (quality control) and R&D (research and development).

Dr. Andres Posada (English)
Dr. Andres Posada (English)
Andres Posada

Andrés Posada completed his doctorate in polymer chemistry at the University of Bayreuth in 2022 and started as a Product Specialist in the Product Competence Team Rheometry in Ostfildern (Germany). His responsibilities include asphalt and polymer applications.


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