How to increase and maintain efficiency when trading and storing lubricants

The quality of lubricants is ascertained right after production and blending at the refinery. In order to keep this quality at the expected level during transport and storage, careful handling is required. As soon as deviations are found, an immediate reaction is required as this has a direct impact on the operator's financial accounting. In order to continuously monitor the properties of your products and to enable precise account settlement, Anton Paar offers a wide variety of established solutions at many points along the lubricant chain to the end user. Join us for a free webinar to ...

… discover how measuring technology contributes to quality assurance of lubricants

… hear how process measuring solutions enhance your efficiency in the transportation of lubricants

… learn how Anton Paar's instruments help to maintain lubricant quality during storage

Dr Carolin Edinger (English)
Carolin Edinger

Dr. Carolin Edinger studied Chemistry at Johannes-Gutenberg University – Mainz and majored in organic chemistry. She earned her PhD for researching the electrochemical deoxygenation of amides and related compounds. Since beginning of 2016 she works as Product Manager at Anton Paar. Matching her chemical education she is responsible for oxidation stability testing devices. Exploring application is one of her core businesses. In addition to that she is an active member of various standardization committees at ISO, CEN, ASTM, and AOCS and has taken the lead as convenor of CEN TC19 JWG1 (“Vegetable fats and oils and their by-products for use in automotive fuels”) and co-chair of ASTM D02.14 Working Group (“Oxidation stability Spark Ignition / Middle Distillate Fuels”).



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