Advanced Surface Characterisation Techniques: Tooling Industry

This webinar focuses on one of the most important economic sectors for mechanical surface testing instruments: the tooling industry. 

Tooling is the process of producing or acquiring the manufacturing components required for bulk production of parts. It includes production of molds and dies, forging, gauging, jigs & fixtures, and cutting tools for the manufacturing of different components such as automotive parts, turbines, propellers, plastic components, and many others. 

Increasing of automotive fields expenditures, more-intense competition, launches of new products, retrofitting of old technology, increasing adoption of metal cutting tools will drive growth in Indian market. 

In the tooling industry, there are 4 major types of customer pains:
- Adhesion of hard coatings: as a manufacturer of cutting tools, one need to verify the adhesion of the
coating on the substrate of the tool
- Hardness of hard coatings: as a coating equipment manufacturer, one needs to focus on improving
the coating process, one has to quantify the resistance to deformation of the tools 
- Friction against other materials: as a manufacturer of molding tools, one want to characterize the
friction properties of new coatings against specific materials
- Thickness of hard coatings: as a job coating services supplier, one has to verify the coating thickness
for each batch produced 

You will learn the details of our solutions for each of the above-mentioned customer pain in this webinar.

Dr. Chintan Bhatt (English)
Chintan Bhatt

Dr. Chintan M. Bhatt obtained his Ph.D. degree in Instrumentation and Applied Physics from Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, having more than 10 years of experience leading global projects in the field of measurement and instrumentation technology for characterisation of material. He has co-authored 14 research papers in International Journals and Conferences. He has a vast experience in conducting workshops and user trainings, providing extensive knowledge about nano-surface property characterisation. Dr. Bhatt is currently working as the National Product Line manager for material characterisation (Surface property characterisation group) at Anton Paar India.


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