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Rheometer: MCR 102, MCR 302, MCR 502

Modular Compact Rheometer series

The MCR rheometer series is the result of continuous development and based on decades of experience in rheology and rheometry. The combination of innovative and thousandfold field-proven technology with the robust design represents the benchmark in its class. Anton Paar rheometers are built for everyday use in the lab and are the key to all possible kinds of rheological investigations and material characterization. The application field of the renowned MCR series ranges from quality control to high-end research and development tasks.

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Key Features

Unique motor and controller technology

Unique motor and controller technology

The innovative EC-motor in combination with the low-friction air bearing, the integrated normal force sensor, and a high-resolution optical encoder form the heart of an MCR rheometer. The unique sample-adaptive controller TruRate™ (in rotation and step strain) and the fast and accurate strain control due to improved real-time position control TruStrain™ (in oscillation) guarantee highly precise measurements even at the lowest torques 
(<2 nNm). The steel frame is optimized for mechanical and thermal stiffness and minimizes torsional and axial compliance. The residual compliance is known and corrected during the measurement, eliminating the need for post-measurement corrections.

Designed for easy handling and error proofing

Designed for easy handling and error proofing

The open design enables easy and fast sample loading and trimming. The lift motor in the stand provides precise gap setting and compensates gap changes related to temperature and normal force. Due to the QuickConnect coupling, measuring systems can be exchanged with one hand. The patented Toolmaster™ technology ensures automatic recognition of measuring systems and accessories and all relevant parameters are automatically transferred to the software. The patented feature TruGap™ offers real-time detection of the real measuring gap, ensuring accurate gap settings even when the room temperature changes. T-Ready™ reduces the waiting time by detecting sample temperature equilibration. 

Rheometer and operating software in perfect unity

Rheometer and operating software in perfect unity

The intuitive RheoCompass software offers predefined as well as customized test templates and analysis definitions. Furthermore, it is possible to export rheological data and generate reports. Data can easily be filtered by e.g. year, batch number, or operator, and displayed within seconds. Due to the Ethernet connection, the rheometer can be remote-controlled from anywhere via the company network. Gap setting, adjustments, and tests can also be started directly from the MCR rheometer, minimizing annoying switches between the computer and the device, e.g. during sample preparation.

Modularity and flexibility to meet all needs

Modularity and flexibility to meet all needs

Whatever your rheological applications are and will be in the future – Anton Paar rheometers are quickly and easily adapted to meet your needs. An extensive range of application-specific accessories is available to extend the rheometer’s capabilities, including DMA measurements, extensional rheology, rheo-optics (e.g. microscopy and Raman spectroscopy), magneto- and electrorheology, dielectric spectroscopy, interfacial rheology, UV curing, pressure- and humidity-dependent rheology, tribology, and many more. Temperature accessories in the temperature range from -160 °C to 1000 °C are also available.

Special devices and customized solutions

Special devices and customized solutions

Special applications demand special and customized solutions. MCR 502 S and MCR 502 WESP offer unique specifications and provide solutions for special demands in the high torque range and for maximum working space and flexibility (e.g. for the combination with a confocal microscope). Based on decades of experience in rheometry and rheology, Anton Paar can make nearly everything possible. Customized products for all kinds of specific applications can be developed and supplied. Don’t hesitate to contact us in order to discuss your requirements and to find a customized solution for your measurement task.

Technical Specifications

All instruments of the MCR series are equipped with the Toolmaster™ system for automatic recognition of the measuring system and accessories. All systems are interchangeable between the different models.


Technical Data UnitMCR 102 MCR 302 MCR 502 S MCR 502 WESP
Bearing Air Air Air Air
EC motor  Yes Yes Yes Yes
Maximum torque mNm 200 200 300 230
Min. torque, rotation nNm 5 1 100 1
Min. torque, oscillation nNm 7.5 0.5 100 0.5
Angular deflection
(set value)
µrad 0.5 to ∞ 0.05 to ∞ 0.05 to ∞ 0.05 to ∞
Min. angular velocity rad/s 10-8 10-9 10-9 10-9
Max. angular velocity rad/s 314 314 220314
Max. speed 1/min 3000 3000 21003000 (6000)a
Min. angular frequency rad/s 10-7 10-7 10-7 10-7
Max. angular frequency rad/s 628c 628c 628c 628c
Normal force range N 0.01-50 0.005-50 0.01-70 0.005-50
Normal force resolution mN 1 0.5 1 0.5
Max. temperature range °C -160 to +1000 -160 to +1000 -160 to +1000 -160 to +1000
Toolmaster™  Yes Yes Yes Yes
QuickConnect - Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automatic gap control / setting (AGC/AGS) - Yes Yes Yes Yes
TruGap™ - Yes Yes Yes Yes
MultiDrive-ready - No No No Yes
Direct strain controller - Yes Yes Yes Yes
Direct stress contoller - Yes Yes Yes Yes
TruRate™ - Optional Yes Yes Yes
TruStrain™ - Optional Yes Yes Yes
Normal force profiles (set and read) - Yes Yes Yes Yes
Velocity profiles, tack, squeeze - Optional Yes Yes Yes
Raw data (LAOS, waveform) - Optional Optional Yes Yes
With Exposed Support Plateb - No Optional No No
Without any Support Plateb - No Optional No No

aOptional (with second EC motor)
bEnlarged working space underneath the support plate (flange).
cHigher frequencies are possible using MultiWave (942 rad/s (150 Hz) or even higher, depending on measuring system and sample)


*RheoCompass (9177015) is a registered trademark of Anton Paar.



ASTM D4440
ASTM D4473
ASTM D5279


DIN 3219
DIN 53019-1
DIN 53019-2
DIN 51810 Part 1
DIN 51810 Part 2
DIN 54458
DIN 1342 1-3
DIN 13343


EN 14770
EN 3219


ISO 3219
ISO 6721-1


Ph. Eur. 2.2.10 - Rotating viscometer method
Ph. Eur. 2.2.8 - Viscosity
Ph. Eur. 0132


USP 912 - Rotational Rheometer Methods

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