No-Load Investigations of Sub-Fractional Horsepower Permanent Magnet Motors

Accurately measuring the cogging torque, hysteresis torque, and iron losses of permanent magnet motors is a challenging task. This is especially true for sub-fractional horsepower variants used, e.g., in auxiliary drives for automotive fan and pump applications.

Sub-fractional horsepower (SFHP) permanent magnet (PM) motors are often used as part of fan systems for cooling of electronics in many different industries. Due to the PM, the motor is characterized by cogging torque, hysteresis torque, and iron lossesThese characteristics are sensitive to parameter variations and manufacturing influences, making experimental investigations in addition to finite-element simulations essential. The following sections show the rheometer-based (Universal Testing Machine Micro) determination of the cogging torque, the hysteresis torque, and the iron losses of SFHP PM motors.

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