Food Characterization

Food powder formulation, manufacturing, and packaging processes require batch-to-batch consistency to ensure consumer safety and loyalty. Insights derived from experimentation using Anton Paar instruments that determine the density, particle size, cohesion strength, compressibility, and permeability can contribute to food powder quality and consistency. This application report focuses on milk powder and all-purpose flour because they are ubiquitous products on their own and crucial ingredients in many other food products and nutritional supplements.


Consistency in food quality ensures consumer safety and loyalty. Repeatable quality is easily achievable by utilizing Anton Paar instruments that measure physical properties of foods. This report focuses on the physical characterization of powders because they are the basic ingredients of most foods. In fact, solid, liquid and even gelatinous foods can be transformed (e.g., crushed, pulverized, or dehydrated) to powders yet retain the essence of the food. Characterization of the powders helps ensure consistency from batch to batch and can lead to more confidence in food quality and savings in terms of formulation, reformulation, packaging, storage, and transport.

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