Joe Flow - Tack and Penetration Tests: Beyond rheometry!

What do terms like adhesiveness, tack or penetration have to do with a rheometer? Modern rheometers provide considerably more options than just rotational and oscillatory measurements.

Your MCR – just a rheometer?

Your rheometer can do much more than measure the viscosity.

For a measurement, modern rheometers automatically drive to the set measuring gap. The measuring head moves to the required position either via control of the driving speed, the normal force or a combination of these two parameters. These functions can also be used for measurements, for example to drive into or out of a sample at a defined force. Here, distance, force and speed are automatically measured. Why shouldn't these options be used for your measuring tasks?

The following gives some examples of measurements on very different samples. Perhaps you will also have some ideas on how to characterize and describe your samples without having to buy an additional measuring instrument.

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