Rheological Characterization of Sustainable Polymers

The use of plastic products has increased rapidly in recent decades that it is almost impossible to find anything that is free of plastic

This trend can be attributed to the following facts: 1) The production cost of plastics is lower than those of other materials such as wood or steel. 2) They are derived from widespread crude oil. 3) They are highly durable and resistant. The substantial accumulation of plastic waste has caused significant harm to various ecosystems. As a result, alternatives such as the substitution of plastics with biodegradable materials and recycling have been explored to mitigate these negative effects. Among these options, mechanical recycling has emerged as a widely popular sustainable process due to its simplicity and economic benefits. The assessment of mechanically recycled polymers and their comparison with virgin plastics is crucial for their second-life applicability. This report examines the rheological characteristics of virgin and mechanically recycled polyethylene, one of the most widely utilized plastics globally, to advance this effort.

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