Joe Flow - Measurement Range Limits

No matter which rheometer you use for your investigations, each instrument has measuring limits which you should respect.

Which limits are there?

Every rheometer has its limits. Depending on whether it is an air-bearing or ball-bearing rheometer, the measuring limits for the raw data are different. Raw data are torque, speed and angle of deflection. From the raw data, rheological properties such as shear stress, shear rate and deformation are calculated using conversion factors.

How do I recognize measuring limits?

In most cases you will recognize measurements which are at the limit or outside of the measuring range by looking at the measuring curves. They do not have a constant slope, show fluctuations in the measuring points or have a bend which can be particularly pronounced.

I recommend always displaying the status messages in the measuring value table in the RheoPlus software. Status messages such as M- or M+ show results which are outside the upper or lower torque range.

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