Milk drinks: Rheological Tests for Determining the Separation Stability of Low-viscosity Dispersions


Midmorning break at last! We’ve all kept hunger and thirst at bay between meals with a milk drink such as chocolate milk. This is at its best when it doesn’t separate, or separates only slowly. This article describes new measuring possibilities for the rheological characterization of low-viscosity dispersions. The focus lies on the analysis of the separation behavior (storage stability) using technology that measures in previously unattainable ranges.

Ms. C., head of the testing laboratory for the food technology department, has the task of proposing measuring methods for the quality assurance (QA) of the newly developed liquid milk products. Two subjects in particular came to the fore in the discussion:

  1. Flow behavior when mixing additives, during pumping and when filling into containers
  2. Dispersion stability: behavior in storage, separation, sedimentation

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