Rheological Characterization of Architectural Coatings - From Liquid Paint to the Finished Coating

Several factors play an essential role in the rheological characterization of paints and coatings. In this report a wood coating and a metal coating are characterized with an MCR to investigate process steps from the liquid coating to the cured film.

The production of a coating is a challenging task. From the initial liquid state to the cured end product, paints and coatings have to meet various rheological requirements within each process step. This starts with the flow properties before application. Hereby, it is necessary to optimally adjust the viscosity to the type of application process. After application, the thixotropic behavior is crucial. It has a significant influence on the flow behavior and consequently the visual appearance of the cured end product. In this report the rheological behavior of two different coating systems in their liquid and solid state is examined.

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