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  • Concentric Cylinders

Rheological Measuring Systems

In order to cover many different applications, a wide range of measuring systems are available for RheolabQC and the MCR rheometer series. QuickConnect gives great ease-of-use when changing between measuring systems. This quick-fit coupling allows one-handed connection of the measuring systems and ensures fast, convenient system changes without the use of a screwing mechanism. Toolmaster™ is the only completely contact-free automatic tool recognition and configuration system for measuring systems and temperature control units. 

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Key Features

For RheolabQC, the MCR x2 and MCR xx2 series

Concentric cylinder systems (according to DIN EN ISO 3219 and DIN 53019)

  • For viscous liquids up to viscoelastic liquids (from water-like samples up to semi-solid samples like crèmes)
  • Easy handling (e.g. filling)
  • Good thermal stability
  • Optional: Disposable cup version for some coaxial systems available to reduce cleaning efforts (e.g. to measure asphalt)

Double-gap measuring systems (according to DIN 54453)

  • For samples with a very low viscosity (water-like)
  • Onset of turbulence only at very high shear rates
  • Large surface
  • Good thermal stability

Vane geometries and spindles

  • Especially if samples contain particles (>0.1 mm) and tend to sediment (like dispersions)
  • Different vane geometries and spindles depending on the application available (for example starch solutions, yogurt containing particles)

Krebs spindles (according to ASTM D562)

  • Krebs measuring system especially designed for the needs of the paint, building, and mining industries
  • Krebs unit range: 40 KU to 150 KU
  • Can be easily combined with the flexible cup holder

For the MCR x2 and MCR xx2 series only

Cone-plate measuring systems (according to DIN EN ISO 3219 and DIN 53019)

  • Consistent shear conditions
  • Small sample volume required
  • Fast temperature equilibration
  • Only if the particle size is ˂10 µm
  • Easy to clean

Parallel-plate measuring systems (according to ISO 6721-10 and DIN 53019)

  • Recommended for highly viscous materials, gels, and pastes
  • Very low sample volume required
  • Adjustable gap
  • Easy to clean



DIN 53019-1


EN 3219

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