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Peltier temperature device C-PTD 180/AIR/QC

Temperature Devices for RheolabQC

In order to cover countless different applications and requirements, different temperature accessories and measurement geometries are available for RheolabQC. A Peltier temperature system (C-PTD) and three liquid temperature devices (C-LTD) can be mounted on RheolabQC. The Peltier system features high heating and cooling rates and excellent temperature accuracy and does not require liquid counter-cooling. Liquid temperature devices may be used alternatively, especially for measurements below 0 °C.

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Key Features

Peltier temperature device (C-PTD 180/AIR/QC)

  • Temperature range: 0 °C to +180 °C
  • Peltier temperature control, counter-cooling with air
  • Fast heating (8 K/min) and cooling rates (4 K/min)
  • No circulator required
  • Low energy consumption 

Liquid temperature devices (C-LTD80/QC, C-LTD180/QC, or C-LTD70/SM/QC)

  • For measurements that are mostly carried out at one constant temperature and below 0 °C
  • External recirculation thermostat required to control the temperature in the device
  • Temperature range according to the following table (also depends on the external recirculation thermostat used):



Min. temperature -20 °C
Max. temperature +80 °C +180 °C +70 °C
Thermostat fluid Water/glycol, water or different oils


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