Joe Flow - Stribeck curves: A powerful screening tool for tribology in a nutshell

Tribological measurements determine the friction and wear behavior between materials that rub together. A powerful measuring tool is now available for understanding and screening lubricated tribological systems: Stribeck curves.

Tribology is everywhere!

Tribology enables us to live our life as it is. The name is derived from the words “tribos”, which means “to rub”, and “logy”, which means “science”; hence, tribology is the science of things rubbing against each other.

Without friction, we would not be able to sit on a chair, we could not hold a glass of juice in our hands, or listen to the sound of a violin playing. On the other hand, with too much friction, we could not slide a drawer open to get fresh socks in the morning; we could not even open a window to get air into a meeting room, let alone get into the meeting room through the door.

Friction forces FF are those forces that counteract the motion of one body on another when forces F, like gravity, are applied; the two bodies are then pressed together by a normal force FN; e. g., the own body weight.

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