Determination of Mechanical Properties of Balance Springs

The Universal Testing Machine Micro (UTM micro) on the basis of a rotational rheometer is a precise and universal testing instrument to measure even the smallest deformations and torques. In addition to typical rheological measurements, it can also be used to determine the mechanical properties of various precision components, which is shown in this report with balance springs as an example.

How can the mechanical properties of precision components be determined? This is just one of the questions many manufacturers of precision mechanical parts ask themselves. Unfortunately, these questions remain unanswered most of the time because of a lack of precision measuring instruments. With the Universal Testing Machine Micro, Anton Paar provides a highly accurate measuring device. It can apply and measure torques and deformations in the nNm and nrad range respectively and is capable of detecting even the tiniest deviations in components. This is shown in this report using balance springs as an example. 

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