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Powder Rheology

Upgrade your MCR rheometer to a versatile powder rheometer

Anton Paar provides advanced true powder rheology which opens up a completely new range of possibilities and brings the full array of traditional rheological methods into the field of powder.
The Anton Paar Powder Cell enables quality control for true powder rheology in an easy, reliable and extraordinarily reproducible way.

Advanced true powder rheology brings the amazing precision achieved with MCR rheometers to the field of granular media. It not only enables rotational as well as oscillatory tests in any state of either consolidation or fluidization but also includes a precision pressure-drop device.

Quality control for true powder rheology gives an easily accessible and reliable value which indicates deviations in powder flow, no matter what caused the changes (particle size and shape, chemical structure, humidity, packing behavior, static charge, surface morphology, gas adsorption, etc.): Cohesion Strength!

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Key Features

Reproducible and reliable

  • True powder rheology
  • Fluidization ensures reproducibility by clearing the “powder memory”
  • Operator-independent measurements
  • Over 90 years of experience in smart engineering
  • Use of high-quality components
  • Optional pressure drop measurements



  • Special powder template available for rheometer software
  • Automatically performed calibration
  • Live visualization of measurements (with the software)
  • Intuitive handling
  • Simple cleaning (cell dismantled within one minute)
  • Support from worldwide Anton Paar service network


High throughput

  • Results within two minutes
  • Interchangeable measuring cell
  • Automatic measurement program
  • Capable of measuring all kinds of powders (all Geldart groups)



  • Multiple options with one device
  • Low operating costs
  • Fully automated one-click calibration

Technical Specifications

  • Torque range: max. 300 mNm
  • Min. torque rotation: 10 nNm (air seal influence included)
  • Normal force range: 0.005 N to 50 N
  • Normal force resolution: 0.5 mN
  • Measuring systems: two-blade stirrer, Warren Spring geometry, cylinder, profiled cylinder
  • Sample volume: min. 100 mL
  • Dust protection (pat. pend.: AT 516.405): particles d ≥ 5 µm, 100 % dustproof; particles 5 µm ≥ d ≥ 1 µm, 90 % to 95 % dustproof

Supplemental equipment kit for scientific purposes (R&D) available containing:

  • Mass Flow Controller for software-controlled air velocity
  • Pressure Sensor to characterize the pressure drop across the powder bed enabling high-end rheological characterization of fluidized beds

 The Powder Cell is compatible with the following MCR rheometers:

  • MCR WESP, MCR xx1 series (all devices), MCR xx2 series (all devices)