Calculation of the weight average molar mass Mw based on the zero-shear viscosity measurement using a frequency sweep

Relevant for: Polymer melts, Polypropylene, Carreau-Yasuda Regression, Frequency Sweep, Molar Mass, Weight Average Molar Mass, Zero Shear Viscosity


The present application note explains how to calculate the molar mass Mw based on the Zero-Shear Viscosity value measured by a Frequency Sweep. The Zero-Shear Viscosity can be evaluated by applying the Carreau-Yasuda Regression to a Frequency Sweep.

Experimental Setup

A technical, iso-tactic Polypropylene melt i-PP was measured using an MCR rheometer equipped with an Electrical Temperature Device ETD 400 consisting of basis plate and actively heated hood. The actively heated hood is based on a combination of radiation plus convection (N2,g) heating to prevent polymer degradation and to ensure precise and horizontally/vertically gradient free measurements at the set temperature of 200 °C.

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