Joe Flow - Tribology and Rheology: Everything running smoothly?

Tribological measurements determine the friction and wear behavior of substances. To understand these measurements it is helpful to know the rheological properties of the investigated substances.

Why do I want to investigate the tribology of a system?

Whenever solids are moved against each other, they usually move more easily when there is a lubricant between the two solids. In everyday life, this is the oil on the bicycle chain or the banana skin on the sidewalk. In industrial practice almost all moved components, such as ball bearings, slide bearings or gear wheels, are lubricated with grease or oil.

Such systems are described by tribology. "Tribology is the science and technology of surfaces which affect each other in relative movement. It covers the field of friction, wear and lubrication and includes interface interactions between solids as well as between solids and liquids or gases." [translation of the GFT worksheet 7 from the German Society for Tribology (Gesellschaft für Tribologie)]

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