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The Immobilization Cell for MCR rheometers can be used to perform immobilization measurements on paper coatings.

Immobilization Cell

The Immobilization Cell (IMC) is used to investigate the immobilization kinetics and water retention of paper coatings. The base paper is clamped onto a perforated plate, a pump generates a vacuum. This vacuum extracts the liquid phase of the applied coating while the geometry measures the related change in its rheological behavior. The immobilization cell is patented by Anton Paar.

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Key Features

Technical highlights

  • Device for investigating the immobilization kinetics and water retention of paper coatings
  • Measuring system: Parallel plate 50 mm
  • Temperature device: Liquid temperature control
  • Temperature range: 0 °C to 70 °C
  • Vacuum pump for water extraction
  • Patented normal force sensor in the air bearing measures the normal force during the test


  • Software control of the vacuum pump
  • Display of all recorded and calculated data
  • Predefined IMC workbook in the rheometer software