Mechanical surface characterization for aviation industry applications

The aerospace industry faces a series of challenges, such as reducing weight, increasing engine efficiency to be more climate-friendly, and operating in harsh environments like the Arctic, or places where there is volcanic ash, or sand. This webinar presents an overview of aerospace applications where some of these challenges are addressed through mechanical surface characterization with Anton Paar instruments. We will show how instrumented indentation, and scratch and tribological tests, can be used to study the surface mechanical properties of conventional and new materials, coatings, and welds.

Webinar content:
- An overview of problems and challenges in the aviation industry
- Results and conclusions of mechanical surface characterization on the following materials:
- Thermal barrier coatings
- New aluminium and steel alloys
- Composites

Target viewership:
- Engineers from the aviation industry
- Engineers from the metallurgy and coating industries
- Anyone interested in mechanical surface characterization

Pavel Sedmak, PhD. (English)
Pavel Sedmak, PhD.

Pavel Sedmak is Product Manager at Anton Paar TriTec. He obtained his PhD in materials science at the Czech Technical University in Prague (Czech Republic). He continued as a post-doc at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) in France, working on the ID11 materials science beamline. He joined Anton Paar TriTec in 2020, and since then has gained deep knowledge in instrumented indentation, scratch testing, and tribology. His main tasks are laboratory measurement for customers and generating analytical and application reports using Anton Paar products, for scientific and industrial projects.


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