Introducing the Lyza 7000, Anton Paar’s New FTIR Spectrometer

Join us for the launch of Anton Paar’s new FTIR spectrometer – Lyza 7000! Whether you want to check incoming goods, identify unknown substances or ensure the quality of your final product – Lyza 7000 has you covered. This new, versatile instrument quickly and accurately measures all kinds of samples: solid, liquid or gasses.

Lyza 7000 includes embedded software and a touchscreen that lets you conduct complex measurement routines with ease. This webinar will highlight the speed of pass/fail analyses, show the modular cell concept, and how easy it is to switch between measurement cells.

Daniel Vetter (English)
Daniel Vetter

Daniel Vetter was born in Salzburg, Austria and moved to Graz to study chemistry. He has a Master’s degree in technical chemistry from the technical university of Graz, which included a half year exchange semester in the US. He has served in his role as FTIR Product Manager at Anton Paar since 2022.



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