e-SPRESSO WEBINAR: Particle Characterization Makes the Best Medicine

e-SPRESSO WEBINAR: Particle Characterization Makes the Best Medicine


Pharmaceutical solids rely on certain physical characteristics to be fully functional. These include surface area, porosity and pore size, and density. Surface area controls dissolution rate, for example, density reflects volume filling behavior, and pore size and volume affect fluid permeability and crush strength.  Control of raw materials and processes requires a detailed evaluation before during and after manufacturing to ensure high quality and predictable behavior.

Key insights:

·        Surface area of powders and dissolution

·        Density by gas pycnometry and powder tapping

·        Measuring porosity

In this webinar, you will learn how gas adsorption is used to determine the interface between a solid and a surrounding liquid, how density measurements of powders and solids are made quickly and accurately, and how forcing mercury into pores under pressure reveals both pore size and pore volume.

Language: English
Trainer: Dr. Martin Thomas

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