Concentration measurement in the production of chemical liquids

In order to optimize energy consumption and save valuable resources during the production process of chemical liquids, plant operators have to continuously measure data such as concentration, raw density, sound velocity, or refractive index in the process line.

Different chemicals – such as sulfuric acid or methanol – show different substance-specific parameters which also depend on temperature and concentration ratios. The highest measurement accuracies and customer-specific concentration formulas are required in order to calculate exact concentration values. 

In this free webinar you will learn how you can increase efficiency in the production of chemical liquids with the help of Anton Paar solutions and services. Key insights include:

  • How Anton Paar determines the best-suited measuring parameter and corresponding sensors for individual processes
  • Concentration formulas: Why and when they are needed as well as how they are developed
  • How to measure three-component mixtures
  • Overview of the Anton Paar product portfolio for chemical processes
  • How Anton Paar solutions and services bring value to production processes (showcased with real examples)
Recording available
Christian Pölzl, Hans Fritz (English)
Christian Pölzl

Christian Pölzl is a Product Manager for Process Instrumentation at Anton Paar and is in charge of process sensors for measuring density, sound velocity, and viscosity. He studied Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management. After several years as a mechanical engineer he started to work as a Product and Sales Manager in the field of environmental technology. His special fields were machinery-based shredding of waste, composting, and plant engineering for the sorting of secondary raw materials.


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