Characterization of polymer films


In this webinar you will learn about frequently used analysis methods for thin polymer films, thick polymer films, and adhesive films. You will find out how scratch tests and indentation testing can determine the adhesion and scratch resistance of polymeric films and paints and how their creep properties can be measured. The surface topography and roughness, but also different mechanical properties such as Young’s modulus and adhesion, can be determined with high precision with atomic force microscopy. With the help of rheological investigations and dynamic mechanical analysis, it is also possible to determine the viscoelastic properties and the influence of temperature and humidity on these bulk properties for both thick polymer films and adhesive tapes. Another method for determining polymer film properties, including their optical properties, is refractometry.

Getting an insight into these analysis methods contributes to a comprehensive understanding of the polymer properties of your thin films, thick films, and adhesive films.

The main topics of this webinar at a glance:

·         Understanding surface quality and how it can be influenced

·         Measuring the scratch resistance and creep properties of polymeric films and paints

·         Analyzing the structure of polymer films to improve the stability of final products

·         Optimizing the material formulation and processing conditions based on analysis of rheological and dynamic mechanical properties

·         Characterizing wrinkle formation in a polymeric drug coating by means of atomic force microscopy and grazing-incidence small-angle X-ray scattering

·         Evaluating the surface characterization and surface mechanical properties of polymer blends using contact resonance amplitude imaging and force distance curves

Language: English
Trainer: Jiří Nohava, PhD., Tobias Husemann, Dr. Gregor Plohl, Dr. Matthias Walluch
Jiří Nohava, PhD.

Jiri Nohava is the Head of Product Competence & Lead Application Scientist of the Mechanical Surface Characterization unit at Anton Paar. He obtained his PhD in materials science at the Czech Technical University in Prague. He joined Anton Paar in 2007 and has become a specialist in instrumented indentation and tribology in various domains. His main task is development of new applications with Anton Paar instruments in scientific and industrial projects. He regularly publishes in peer-reviewed journals and participates in international conferences.

Tobias Husemann

Tobias Husemann is the team leader of product management for refractometers and polarimeters at Anton Paar. After studying Chemistry, he solved industry problems as a product and application developer; as a product manager he helped customers worldwide. He is an expert on concentration measurement in the chemical industry. 

Gregor Plohl

Gregor Plohl graduated in physics at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia) and obtained a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Graz University of Technology (Austria). Gregor is atomic force microscopy specialist in the Product Competence team for Nano Surface Properties at Anton Paar Graz. One of his main tasks is the development of new applications for AFM for academia and industry. 


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