Backstage: Sales

From the bottom of my heart I believe that our products are useful for our customers.

Takumi, Sales Management Brewery & Beverage | 株式会社アントンパール・ジャパン

I am currently responsible for sales activities in the beer and beverage business in Japan. Beverages must always be accurately analyzed to maintain a high quality. Furthermore, alcoholic beverages are subject to taxation and must be accurately analyzed in a fixed procedure. Beverage companies and brewers spend much time and manpower on these tasks. Anton Paar develops, manufactures, and sells many great devices to solve these problems.

Anton Paar meets the needs of beverage markets in each country, the instruments are easy to use, and the company constantly develops new and innovative technologies. Anton Paar is an excellent supplier of high-precision measurement equipment to the market.

As a Sales representative I am responsible for building long-lasting relationships with our customers, understanding what they need currently, and also anticipating what they will need in the future. I acquire new customers and make sure that my existing customers are well taken care of. I am also the link to all other departments, such as the Service team and our producing subsidiaries.

Our markets are always evolving and it is essential for us Sales representatives to remain well-trained – which is why I’m in regular contact with the technical experts at the headquarters in Graz to get news about new products and market trends. New employees receive extensive training before they go out to visit customers.

I am not only involved directly with my customers but also need to take care of legal requirements. It’s necessary to be properly involved in the local – in my case Japanese – regulations and laws and to be officially recognized by the market and the industry.

At Anton Paar Japan, we are doing our best to be a company not only for the beverage industry but also for other industries. We want to meet the related regulations and laws and become an indispensable part of the landscape for analytical equipment in Japan.