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  • Quality and performance testing: Perform accurate rapid tests to determine gluten quality. This enables functional testing of various baked goods and other food as well as feed products.
  • Fast and comprehensive analysis: Determine wet gluten in 1 to 10 minutes with Rapid Flour Check. Get detailed measurement results on protein content, water absorption and W-value, enabling efficient and reliable analysis of flour quality and performance in baking and food applications.
  • Optimize your products: Accurate measurement of wet gluten enables bakers and food manufacturers to assess gluten quality and thus overall flour quality for their specific requirements. This allows them to optimize the sensory and functional properties of their products.
  • MetaBridge software: user-guided workflows, reference limits, measurement correlations, customizable methods & parameters, and more
  • Connectivity: support for third-party solutions (ERP, LIMS)

With this solution, you can quickly qualify cereal milling products based on the aggregation behavior of gluten. The use of GlutoPeak is suitable as a rapid method for quality assessment in the grain receiving process.

The device measures within 1-10 minutes at a constant rotational speed. The process runs automatically and requires only small sample quantities, ranging from 2.5 to 12 grams (depending on the sample material). Unsuitable material can be quickly identified, avoiding the need for further time-consuming measurements.

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Product details
  • Checks and records the ambient conditions for each measurement
  • Automatic data transfer to Brabender MetaBridge
  • Insensitive to dust and moisture
  • Multi-year battery durability

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Software for Brabender Devices: MetaBridge

Software for Brabender Devices:

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Product details
  • The benchmark for intuitive but comprehensive software
  • Connect devices: seamless data flow, zero transcription errors
  • Access results from any device at any time
  • An array of standards and predefined methods, just a click away
  • Export data to third-party systems and share with colleagues

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