Development of a method to analyse vital wheat gluten with the GlutoPeak

Vital wheat gluten is used as a powdered additive in bakery products to improve their quality, especially in order to achieve a consistent quality in the bake or to compensate for quality fluctuations in the flour.

The properties of vital wheat gluten are significantly determined by its components, glutenins and gliadins. Whilst glutenins create more elastic properties, the gliadins are responsible for the plastic properties (Scherf and Köhler, 2016). The distribution of the glutenins in relation to the molecular weight and the intermolecular disulphide bonds are an important criterion for determining dough and baking properties and the gluten quality (Ortolan and Steel, 2017).
For this reason, it has been very difficult and time-consuming until now to precisely determine the quality of the gluten.

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