Anton Paar for students

Studying and practical experience: Anton Paar makes this possible.

Great students. Great instruments.

Anton Paar has always been in intensive professional exchange with universities, technical colleges, and research institutes. Developing our innovative products not only requires science experts and university specialists, our student employees are also an important source of innovative power. They are well versed in current scientific developments and have new ideas. This makes for an advantageous situation for both parties: Students enrich our company’s daily life with their knowledge of the methodology of academic teaching and in return they are able to test and implement their knowledge in an industrial environment. They also get to know our high-tech company: people, products, processes, and much more.

Anton Paar offers various possibilities for students:

We offer part-time student jobs as an attractive alternative to conventional non-specialist side jobs. These jobs are easy to fit into your student life, you get to know Anton Paar, and we have the opportunity to identify future employees. We often offer full-time jobs after graduation to students who have successfully worked with us before.

On the other hand, we are also looking for students who want to write their bachelor’s or master’s thesis on one of our advertised topics. One of our technical experts will supervise you and help with guidance and practical suggestions. If you do not find a suitable advertised topic, you can also contact us with a suggestion, preferably on a technical subject. Some of our subsidiaries are able to offer the same possibilities so take a look at these subsidiaries as well!