Brabender GlutoPeak optimises receipt of goods at Wiesneth Mühle

In the milling industry, being able to determine the quality of raw materials is fundamental. Being able to test them is an essential task. Wiesneth Mühle GmbH in Franconian Pommersfelden, Germany, has taken its quality management to the next level, at the same time introducing a time-efficient system.

In what is one of Bavaria’s largest flour mills, constant thorough inspections in the in-house laboratory are of the utmost importance for maintaining the company’s quality demands. Therefore, before vehicles arriving at Wiesneth Mühle GmbH’s yard in Pommersfelden-Sambach from the agricultural operations in the region are permitted to continue to the incoming goods area, quality inspections must first take place. A sample of the grain delivered is taken directly from the vehicle and transferred to the laboratory facilities via a pipe system.

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